The Plant
The mill covers more than 65 acres of property. Modern melting facilities include a unique induction-melt gas atomizer with a HIP (hot isostatic pressing) vessel for the production of the patented, high performance CPM steels, as well as a 40-ton, electric-arc furnace with an AOD (argon oxygen decarburization) refining vessel. Hot finishing mills include a 2,000 ton forge press, a 26 inch cogging mill, an automated rod-and-bar mill, and special-purpose hand-rolling mills. Heat-treating and annealing facilities, as well as a comprehensive bar-finishing department, enable shipment of a wide variety of products.
The premier products of Crucible Industries are high-performance CPM steels. The CPM process involves gas atomization of prealloyed molten steel to form powder. The powder is consolidated through the HIP process into 100 percent dense compacts, which are processed through the mill along-side conventional ingot product. The resultant properties of the CPM bars are far superior to conventionally melted steels. In most applications, CPM tool steels offer improved wear resistance, toughness, & grindability, and superior corrosion resistance in a special offering of CPM steels. Moreover, the CPM process enables the production of alloys with unique or enhanced properties that cannot be made by conventional steelmaking methods.
The Environment
As a long-standing corporate citizen, Crucible strives to improve air and water quality for its Syracuse neighbors. Significant investment and dedicated personnel are used to control air and water pollution. Each day, Crucible’s own wastewater treatment plant purifies million of gallons of processed cooling water recycled from the various rolling mills and furnaces. The melting facilities and grinding facilities are equipped with air pollution control systems. In keeping with today’s environmental emphasis on conversion and recycling, as opposed to disposal, many of the mill’s solid metal wastes and collected grinding dusts are kept carefully segregated and are remelted in subsequent heats of steel. Other particulate wastes are commercially recycled to retrieve alloy, which is then reused. Even the slag is recycled to recover the metal content, and the remaining product is crushed and used as a substrate for road beds and parking lots.


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