Mold and Tool Steels for Plastics
More than in any other industry, the steels used in the manufacture of plastics can vary widely from simple, low alloy steels to advanced stainless steels to some of the most sophisticated high performance tool steels available today. As plastics find their way into an ever-broadening range of engineering applications, the use of new resins, additives and fillers demand higher wear and corrosion resistance from the metallic materials used for the molds and tooling required to process them.

Crucible Service Centers stocks the widest range of steels for use in the plastics industry. Along with conventional mold and tool steels, Crucible offers stainless steels for molds and holder blocks, as well as highly wear-resistant and/or corrosion resistant alloys made using our proprietary CPM process. The data sheets collected in this special section are duplicates of those found elsewhere in the selector. They are grouped here for the convenience of those in the plastics industry.
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