Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgical processing confers unique features upon a material, including an absence of particle outlining, an extremely fine grain structure, the absence of macrosegregation, and improved forgeability and machinability. It also opens up a whole new area of metallurgy by providing the ability to make alloys which could not be made in any other way.
Crucible has been a pioneer in the field of powder metallurgy and has been awarded patents covering both the process and products since the very early 1960s. The shear number of patents granted is remarkable and covers Powder Metallurgy Processing from the: Atomization of Powders, including specialty materials for component parts of the atomizer; to the Quenching of Powders to prevent their reaction with oxygen; to the Inert Handling of Powder; to Pre-Consolidation Processes and Consolidation Processes - including Hot Isostatic Pressing and numerous other methods; to the Processes for the Easy Removal of Cans; through Shape Making and Cladding Processes.
Crucible was the pioneer in the powder metallurgical processing of both Tool Steels and superalloys. Our work paved the way for superalloys to be accepted in the aerospace industry and involved baseline work on the processing, alloy modification and the understanding of the physical metallurgy of P/M alloys.
We have led the way in the art of making shapes directly from powder. Our innovations produced a product which significantly reduced the amount of machining which was needed, and therefore reduced the amount of waste of these very difficult to machine and expensive alloys. These processes also allowed alloys like Rene 95 to be made as shapes which are still produced and used in a variety of engines for aerospace use.
Crucible also has been granted a number of patents of multi-alloy composites - from the dual alloy turbine wheel for aerospace applications to clad materials for oil field applications. These processes allow for cladding materials on the inside or the outside of a part with the beneficial reduction in cost.

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