Stainless Steels

Significant Product achievements include:
· Type 416, Type 416 Plus X, Type 303 Plus X, Type 304 Plus, Type 316 Plus, Type 303 Super-X, Type 304 Super-X, Type 316 Super-X These were all breakthrough improvements in the machinability of stainless steels
· Type 422, Rezistal 422 Patented in 1964 this alloy is still being used in steam and gas turbine applications
· Sea-Cure A superferritic stainless steel used for brackish-water cooled power plant condensers
· SS100 A high nitrogen, high strength, highly corrosion resistant stainless steel made by powder metallurgy
· E4 A major advance in cargo box corner posts
· Type 303CC, Type 303ELC Mod Improved resistance to corrosion in soft drink beverage syrup
· Crucible 26-1S One of the first superferritic stainless steels to be made in the AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization Process)
· 17Cr-4Ni Super-X, CSM 21 A very significant product for stainless steel plastic die molds
· Hy-Resist A superferritic stainless steel resistant to hydrogen embrittlement
Significant Process achievements include:
· Process for making dull finished stainless
· This nonreflective stainless steel finish met the safety requirements for nonglare trim in the auto industry
· Method for enhancing corrosion resistance by electrolytic passivation of bright annealed stainless steels
· Allowed the use of bright annealed stainless steels for automotive trim


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