Tool Steels

Crucible has been a leader in tool steel production and alloy development since its incorporation in 1900. As early as 1905 we were awarded a patent for a high speed steel which incorporated vanadium to improve performance.
In the following years, Crucible developed alloys and obtained patents covering:
· High Silicon/Carbon Tool Steels
· Nitrogen Containing Tool Steels
· High Speed Tool Steels
· Low Alloy Tool Steels
· Bearing Steels
· High Vanadium Wear Resistant Tool Steels
· Cold Work Tool Steels
· Wear/Corrosion Resistant Tool Steels
· Ultra-Hard High Speed Steels
· Die Steels
· Mold Steels
· Hot Work Tool Steels
· High Sulfur Tool Steels
In the late 1960's, we were the first corporation to recognize and patent the powder metallurgy processing of tool steels. This process provides a unique combination of manufacturability, property and performance benefits to the resultant tool material. The P/M process resulted in a homogeneity and refinement of the microstructure that greatly enhanced the strength, toughness, and machinability compared to the conventional ingot product. Our pioneering work on high alloy-high carbide volume tool steels led to the development of a family of highly wear resistant and wear/corrosion resistant materials such as CPM 10V, CPM 9V, CPM S30V, CPM S90V, VIM CRU 60*, VIM CRU 80*, and MPL-1; high toughness materials such as CPM 1V and CPM 3V; and high performance high speed steels such as CPM Rex 76, CPM Rex 20, CPM Rex 45 and CPM Rex 121.

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